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Our customers turn to us for much more than money.

At First Commercial Bank, we are not just bankers. We’re advisors, advocates and confidants. Our roles stretch far beyond lines of credit and daily deposits. FCB officers endeavor to become a part of the very fabric of your business.

Is this a lofty even starry-eyed aspiration? Perhaps so in a traditional bank setting, but in our new business-only model it’s not only possible; it has become a reality. Just imagine what can be accomplished with an experienced local banker who is active, involved and attuned to your business situation and constantly looking for ways to improve it.

By design, FCB officers are hands-on and free from the bureaucracy that hinders so many other financial institutions and their customers. The result is more face-time with customers, a deeper understanding of your fiscal realities and motivations, and above all a deep connection that can only be developed over time.

We had the benefit of building this bank from square one with a wealth of practical insight from some of the state’s most respected and well-connected business bankers. We removed aspects of the bank-customer relationship that seemed cold and calculating and sought to facilitate more open interaction. In turn, ours is a different dynamic than most business people are accustomed, but one that engenders loyalty, trust and ultimately prosperity.

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