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As an independent financial advisor, your goal is to help your clients build and protect their asset base. Often times that eventually means incorporating a trust into your overall strategy. Partnering with First Commercial to offer Trust Administration as part of a competitive, full-service investment solution is a win-win for you and your client. Operating in a complementary role, our Trust Services department provides the stability of a local, regulated financial institution with considerable experience and expertise in Trust Administration that is not a competitive threat to your client-advisor relationship.

Why Partner with First Commercial?

  • No competitive threat – First Commercial Bank does not compete with financial advisors for their core business.
  • Enhanced advisor/ client relationship – Our Trust department provides objective trust solutions, while financial advisors deliver comprehensive investment management with the flexibility of holding client assets with their preferred custodian. We avoid any conflict of interest to the advisor/ trust relationship.
  • Excellent service – First Commercial Bank is committed to offering high quality, attentive trust administrative services, enabling advisors to concentrate on investment management and maintaining the client relationship.
  • Win-win solution – Partnering with our Trust Services department is advantageous for all involved, especially your client. We provide rigorous trust administration while you continue to provide outstanding financial advisory investment services. The clients receive the peace of mind that comes from knowing both its present and future assets remain in the hands of a well-rounded team of experts

Competing with large financial institutions requires independent financial advisors to create strategic alliances in order to offer a well-rounded portfolio of services. First Commercial offers you a reputable, trusted name willing to work with you in a mutually beneficial partnership. While estate planning or the passing of a client could result in the transfer of funds to a traditional bank trust department and the disillusion of a longstanding, valued client relationship, this is not the case when partnering with FCB. We serve exclusively as Trustee, and the client is encouraged to retain you as their financial advisor. What’s more, your client can rest assured that their assets will be distributed with the utmost professionalism in accordance with their wishes.


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