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Certificates of Deposit (CDs) from FCB are a smart way to safely save money for retirement, your kid’s college education or a pending purchase. First Commercial Bank periodically offers special CD promotions and CDs of varying maturities are available. For all our CD rates and terms please call or visit any of our locations.

Earn like you mean business with FCB’s short-term First Rate CDs.

18-month = 1.81% APY*

24-month = 2.02% APY*

Limited time offer. Minimum deposit of $10,000.00.

At FCB, CDs are serious business. If you have some money parked in a low-yield savings account, FCB’s First Rate CDs can make it work a whole lot harder for you. Give it a little while, and get something worthwhile in return.

*The annual percentage yield is guaranteed through March 31, 2018. The maximum CD amount allowed for this offer is $250,000. A penalty for early withdrawal may apply.