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Assembled to impart new ideas and energy to FCB’s management team and Board of Directors, our three market-specific Advisory Boards help influence how we serve businesses and professionals, both now and in the future.

Jackson Advisory Board:: Lorrie Driver, Robert Gibbs, Wilson Hood, Dr. Carter Payne Milner, Melvin Priester, Jr., Bridgforth Rutledge, Mark Hosemann, Brian Rippee, Sidney Allen, David Goodwin (Click anywhere on the photo to enlarge)

FCB Advisory Boards 2024

Jackson Advisory Board Members
Allen, Sidney
Driver, Lorrie
Gibbs, Robert
Goodwin, David
Hood, Wilson
Hosemann, Mark
Milner, Carter
Priester, Melvin
Rippee, Brian
Rutledge, Bridgforth

Memphis Advisory Board Members
Byrd, Isaac
Davenport, Bill
Humphreys, Robert
Madden, Ben
Plunk, Kenneth

Oxford Advisory Board Members
Capomazza, Stephen
Edmondson, Gray
Green, John
Griffin, Josh
Hayward, Keith
Moore, Matthew
Pannel, Katherine
Randall, Elizabeth J
Shelton, David

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