Sam Lane, Senior Managing Director
Sam Lane
Senior Managing Director
Mary Beth Cantrell, Client Services Advisor
Mary Beth Cantrell
Client Services Advisor
Frances Ware, Senior Managing Director
Frances Ware
Senior Managing Director
Carolyn Mayberry, Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist
Carolyn Mayberry
Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist
Dawson Graves, Associate Managing Directo
Dawson Graves
Associate Managing Directo
Jill Switzer, Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist
Jill Switzer
Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist
Laurie Holloway, Client Services Advisor
Laurie Holloway
Client Services Advisor
Berncill Stamps, Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist
Berncill Stamps
Concierge | Cash Handling Specialist

When we started First Commercial Bank over 20 years ago, we began with some key people, who were highly respected and looking for a way to do something different in the banking community. We found some very talented people and are fortunate to be able to say that most of them are still with us. That’s a fact that’s nearly unheard of in the banking industry.

These folks continue to be an essential cog in the wheel, and we owe a great deal of our success to their wisdom and expertise. And as we grow and develop new products, we depend on them more than ever to help us navigate the constantly changing banking environment. We’re lucky to have them, and appreciate their contributions to FBC.