We Have Business To Attend To.

See the difference FCB’s singular focus on commercial customers can make.

Some banks assign a few individuals to their business accounts. Other banks dedicate a whole division to their commercial customers. But at First Commercial Bank, our entire organization revolves around meeting the unique needs of businesses and professionals. And that’s a point of distinction that must be made.

We are different than most banks—in form and in function. You’ll find no drive-thru lanes here. No teller lines, or teller windows for that matter. We’ve eschewed the predictable trappings of consumer banking in favor of more personal, relaxed banking environs where customers sit across a desk from CSRs and warm, friendly greetings are genuine, not mandated.

What’s more, as an FCB customer, you’re just as likely to see one of our officers at your place of business as ours. We enjoy, practically insist upon, visiting our customers face-to-face on a regular basis. We feel this departure from the customary “your banker will see you now” formula is advantageous for everyone involved. You spend more time at work and less at the bank, and we’re able to keep our finger on the pulse of your business. As a result, we not only help you resolve financial situations; we can help you recognize and take full advantage of business opportunities.

Whether you’re with a large corporation or operating your own small business, managing a medical practice or running a manufacturing facility, First Commercial Bank’s business-only model and local understanding can make a real difference in this increasingly competitive global economy.